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Moouu Quality Meats : More Than Just a Steakhouse

Moouu Glyfada
Moouu is a steakhouse offering a wide variety of choice beef cuts.  This type of steakhouse is a rare find in Athens and the only one of its kind in Glyfada.

Moouu started out as half of the size as what it is today.  When they expanded and added a full bar,  I wanted to move in there and make it my permanent home.

It’s so stylish, cozy and classy all at the same time.  Brick walls, cushiony leather seating mixed with eclectic tables and chairs, really give this place a hip vibe.  The jazzy hip-hop that was playing courtesy of a DJ behind the bar was the cherry on top.

Bar Moouu

People actually sit and the bar and enjoy their drinks at Moouu which honestly seems to be a rarity in Greece.  People tend to sit at tables and have their drinks in their own space with their friends.

We’ve gone to Moouu just for drinks before and sat at the bar.  They have a full bar with fancy cocktails, vino, beer on draft, whatever you want, they have it.

They do live music from time to time and and it always draws a crowd.

Eating Good at Moouu

We started with the Mesclun salad by mistake, which turned out to be a good thing.  This mistake was not their fault.  We ordered the wrong salad, but we really enjoyed it, so cheers to wrong ordering!  It had little crunchy bits which I believe were candied walnuts.

Now for the meat.  Spare Ribs and a Dry-Aged Rib Eye were our choices for the evening.

Falling-off-the-bone rib goodness served with mashed potatoes and a spicy chutney put this menu item on the top of my ‘comfort food’ list.  Moouu does these ribs better than some I’ve had in America!

When ever Moouu comes up in conversation with our  friends who live in the area, so do the ribs.  Expats know that Moouu is the place to go for ribs.

Moouu Glyfada

The steak came out and they cooked it to a perfect medium rare and it was fab.

Steak Moouu Glyfada

They know what they are doing at Moouu

Moouu has stood the test of time, which can be quite the accomplishment in the ever-changing Glyfada restaurant scene.  They have great service, tasty food and an inviting environment.

Moouu Quality Meats is the real deal and that is no secret, so make sure and call for a reservation if you plan on going during the weekend.

Moouu Quality Meats
Address: Fivis 17, Glifada 166 74
Phone: 21 1409 6295
Hours: 12:30pm-2am


Americana chica enjoying the sunshine on the Athens Coast.



Americana chica enjoying the sunshine on the Athens Coast.

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