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Tarek has lived in Athens for most of his life.  He lives in the northern suburban area of Athens, but spends a lot of free time on the coast, because it is the place to be!

Which is your favorite beach and why?

I love the Sounion area during the week, it’s semi-secluded and if you look carefully you’ll find a few gems scattered along the coastline.

What is your favorite area to spend time in during the day and why?

Most any of the seaside cafe’s are nice, the Balux House Project and Ark are great during the warmer months and in the winter, the central area of Glyfada has a bunch of cozy spots to choose from.

I’m a motorcycle rider and the entire coastline is a great place to just ride …although watch out, the scenery is beautiful, but the way Greeks drive is most definitely not.

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For a night out, which area do you prefer and why?

I’m definitely a fan of a new place that just opened up called Brewklyn it’s got a huge selection of beers and the manager is awesome. But generally central Glyfada is the place to be for a night out as far as variety goes, it’s well suited to bar hopping, if you don’t mind the crowds.

What should the rest of the world know about the Athens Coast?

If your dream is to live abroad and work remote, you should consider this area.  It is an awesome place to live as a with something for everybody and there always something new popping up.


Full time internacional mom, part time interviewer



Full time internacional mom, part time interviewer

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