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Greece is known around the world for its beautiful beaches.  Some people don’t realize that the capital city also is home to some amazing beaches.  7km away from the center of Athens the beaches start.  Between Edem and Sounio, you will find 55km of gorgeous Greek coastline and beaches of all varieties.

Akanthus Beach Club | Athens Coast

Akanthus Beach Club + Nalu Cafe = 365 Days of FUN

Akanthus Beach and neighboring Nalu Cafe are Athens Coast staples for good vibes- chillin’ by day and partying all night long. Akanthus Beach One of the most popular beaches on Alimos’ Akti tou Iliou (Sun Coast) happens to be one of the...

Bolivar Beach Bar Athens

Bolivar Beach Bar – Akti tou Iliou in Alimos

The longest stretch of sandy beach along the Alimos coast is known as Ακτή του Ήλιου/Akti tou Iliou -Costa del Sol.  Bolivar Beach Bar is a part of this property and a popular destination for tourists staying in the center of Athens. Why does it...

Glyfada Public Beach Athens

The Breakdown of Glyfada’s Public Beach Areas

Glyfada is home to the largest stretch of public beach in all of Athens.  It is easily accessible by the tram and a short walk from all of central Glyfada’s action. How to get to Glyfada Beach Starting from the tram stop Κέντρο Ιστιοπλοΐας /...

Athens Coast

Top 10 Athens Beaches

Throughout time, the Aegean Sea has played a major role in the lives of the inhabitants living near the shores.  From the ancient port of Piraeus to the modern day cosmopolitan beach sprawl, there is no doubt about the importance of the sea to the...