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Balux Seaside – Swimming Pool, Beach, Cafe, Restaurant and Bar. The Ultimate All-in-One

Balux Seaside Pool, Glyfada Athens Greece
Balux Seaside has the best of all worlds- swimming pool, clean beach, cafe, restaurant and a full bar.  What else could anyone ask for?!  Oh, also a great central location in Glyfada which is easily accessible by public transportation.

Getting to Balux

Asteras Glyfadas Complex is located on the main beach road, Posidonos, a few blocks away from Glyfada.  If you are taking the tram, you will get off at Kolymbiterio stop (apparently google maps doesn’t know there is a crosswalk at the end of Panopis).

It has a lot of signage and is really the only thing in that area- so if it is your first time, just look for the cross-walk with the traffic lights and they lead you directly into the complex.

Once you are inside, veer left.  Just keep going left although it looks like you are going into an abandoned parking lot, sketchy construction zone… there is an oasis waiting for you if you keep following the signs.  If you veer right at the entrance, it will take you to Balux House Project (which also has a beach, but not a pool!)

Balux Seaside Glyfada
If you make it to this ‘lane’ of olive trees, you are going the right way

I suppose I’m being a bit dramatic about the location of this place.  Perhaps because I never visited Balux Seaside until 2016 and was always fighting the crowds at the ‘regular’ Balux beach.  So when I did finally find it last year, I was so happy, yet sad that I had missed out on years of pool-side lounging.  So I blame the location.

Balux Seaside Pool

Beyond the ‘olive lane’ picture above, the first thing you will see that will reassure you that you are in the right place will probably be the valet parking dude.  Civilization- at last!  The entrance fee for the pool/beach area is 8euros.  You can access the Balux Seaside Cafe at a separate entrance if you are just there for food or drinks.

They strictly enforce a 16 and older rule for the pool.  Children are allowed in the beach area, but not in the pool.

The music is very prevalent all day long, so if you would like to speak with your companions, try to get a spot away from the speakers.  They have lounge chairs and bean-bag thingies located around the pool and down on the sand as well.

As I mentioned, there is music (dare I say LOUD music) playing all day around the pool here.  On the weekends you have more of a ‘day club’ vibe going on, so if you are looking for peace and quiet- this is not the spot for you.

If you are looking for a lively scene with lots of mojito-sipping people taking selfies, while sunning their beach bods in the Glyfada sun, you have found your spot!

Balux Seaside Cafe

The cafe/restaurant portion of the venue draws all sorts of people.  You have business men puffing cigars over lunch and at the next table teenagers who come for one frappe and stay for hours.  You hear many different languages and see all kinds of people.  Great for people watching!

The patrons aren’t the only random mix- the menu has quite the variety of items.  This is very typical in these trendy establishments along the coast.  They basically have it all- starters, salads, burgers, pasta, steaks and sushi.

Bikinis are exchanged for fashionable evening wear when the sun goes down.  Evenings at Balux Seaside are for cocktails and fine dining on the water.  Balux is a great place for sunset and because it is located in a private bay with no neighbors, you really don’t feel like you are so close to the city.

You will often find guest DJs spinning on weekends and special events are hosted during the week as well.

Imagine it now.  A warm Greek summer night… hanging out in a tiki-bar close enough to the water to hear the waves rolling onto the shore.  Add some rum and you have the perfect #AthensCoast night-out!

There you have it, the ultimate all day destination in Glyfada.  There is a party going on day and night at Balux Seaside!

If you would like any additional info about planning a day or night visit to Balux, or anywhere along the Coast, please do not hesitate to contact me or ask a local!

Balux Seaside
Address: 58 Posidonos Ave. Glyfada 16674
Phone: 210 894 0566
Hours: 10:30am-6pm

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Balux Seaside Glyfada | Athens Coast


Americana chica enjoying the sunshine on the Athens Coast.



Americana chica enjoying the sunshine on the Athens Coast.

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